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Feb 17, 2013 9:39am EST
have thousands of press dents. >> chris: when the impeachment trial of bill clinton happened, they wanted to know what happened to the trial of andrew johnson in 1868. >> o question was, has anybody other than a member of the house ever presented a case against -- on the floor of the senate. >> chris: richie's answer was no. >> he should be removed from office as president of the united states. >> chris: congressmen had to make the case against clinton, not their lawyers. recently, senators have been asking lots of questions about the filibuster. and ways to stop it. >> they all recognize the senate would be a different institution and, quite frankly, they'll say, the senate would be just like the house of representatives. which is something the senate doesn't want -- >> not a compnt. >> not in the slightest. we have files on filibusters and we have files on every, single person whoever served in the senate. >> chris: he took us into the archives of the office. picking a fill at random. >> i pulled out, butler, the first senator from alaska. >> chris: and also have 35,000 pho
Feb 10, 2013 9:00am EST
with secretary of state clinton and -- >> director of national intelligence, clapper. >> chris: right. added to it, they all, last summer, last fall, support the idea of arming the rebels in syria, but, the president overruled his entire national security team. what do you make of that and from what we hear from his aide, his continued refusal to intervene in the civil war in >> i think, they are writing one of the more shameful chapter in american history, 60,000 people have been massacred. i have been to the refugee camps and met the people, the atrocious treatment going on. it is disgraceful and, by the way, there is a national security component, it would be the greatest blow to iran, in the last 25 years, if bashar al-assad fell, not to mention hezbollah. so, it is incomprehensible and the president of the united states, to say, because people are dying in the congo is a reason not to act in syria? it shows to me a lack of experience and knowledge which is very dangerous to america's national security interests and, again, it is shameful that we have let over 60,000 people be massacred
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
. 33 ggod dayy.. for... the recipient,... clinton om-eeeha, ... steaas the show... -&p ahead of his father'ssceremony. -3 ceremony. liitle... colin... eeploring thh stage ...around the presidentiall poodum...//. a memmer of he audience... trying to coax him bbck to his seat../.. but... the little boy... makes a quick dash to the chaii... reservvd for his father.../?. presideet obama... even sharing a cute &poval office... office... 3 3 obama ssas::"colin is not as shy as clint. he was in the ovvl office and he was raaingg sampled nnmber of the apppes before he found the oneethat was just right." 3 former staff sergeant... rommeesha... was recognized ffr his courageouu leadershii ...during he deadlyyattack... on a combat outposs ...ii afgganistan - / &pin... 2009...// 3 good day for aamiracce.../ 82- yearr old... terry miraclee. past friday afternoon.... as he heard police chasing a burgllry suspect...//.next thhig -& pirrcle hears them yell...
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
... clinton pook... applying his own oxygee mask... to a dog at the scene off affree.. monday....// the dog... nnaed chase....survvved....the fire... at a home... on.... countyy../. a... - local photographerr.. captured... the moment onnccmerr.... and &pshared it online. - how are the roads lookinn tonight? tonighh?brandi proccor haa our traffic edge report. reportt p3 greensrping 3plibertybat natllpike 3 shawan395 &p 3p today is fat tuusday...// 3 6thhstraight ear,... the beads ... are flyiig.... in havre de gracc... ss...they celebrate... the poon's french heritage.../ its... √°theirr... version of bourbon -stteet....// a... & full fledgeddparadee...with floats... and bands... morningg..// it... &pstarted with just 10 people... and a lot f hope.../ now... it's... one of the highhlghts of the year. (11:17:10) " it'ss ffmily ffn event. the kids re out, the parenns aae outt a lot of thee forr ll the people here." here." they even put the town's big statuu i
Feb 13, 2013 10:00pm EST
tank, sergeant clinton polk, -3&pattempted to pump life into -the lifelees pee. (12217:30) (pplkk) "you treat family pet.. i have a dog - also. iitssone of those hings you'd wwnt omebbdy to do itt forryour dog alss." (13:22:14) (abell) "their equipped with oxygen masks for fashion an oll endyys cupp intooa lifeline forrchaae...." the day fter he fire.....chaae paid firefiggters a viiit.... &p(12:44:42)) (dog ppnts heavy) -3 (fireffghter) "hey puppy dog!" (child) "i'll hold chase....."" the familyy needed to ttank them for ssving he ne valuubbe they could never replace. -3& (12:56:16) "it reallyytakks &pa special erson tbe as are....(pauses and boos & head)...." hh dog.....once now founn.. 3 definitely onn of ttose days fox 45, -3 3 aftte spending the night at the animal hospital, 'ccaae' s doing well.... wwll.... theefamily... is 3 3 "i have tooo sexy pictures i have" have"a warning just nntime for valentine's day.wwy you phould be careful what you text. 03:26:06 "it'' a pret
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am EST
the defennaat and hhs lawyers. 3 former president piil clinton will honor formee &pnew yorr mayor "ed koch" at his funeral. thee &pservice will began today at 3 the sraeli consul general is also settto sseak....aaong with new york city mayyr michael bloomberg. koch died friday of ongestive heart failuue. he was 88-years-old. 3 p deeense secretary leonn paetta ii expected tt - week. nn official notice has gone out...but twoo staffers on capitol hill sayy panetta ill testify bout the consulate attackkon benghhzi on thursday.. ffur americans including the u-s ambassador o libya were 3 attackers stormmd the -3 compound. 3 coming up... 3 a major blackout... innthe bowl.what officials now say... caused it..- 3 rowdy fann nats -3 patsand chaos eruuts... aater last nightts big super bowl &pwin.whereein the ity... ffnss actually caussdddamageeto our live truck. you'ree watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all orring. whether you're a ham & cheese a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afte
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6